Certified Financial Consultant (CFC)

Certified Financial Consultant | CFC

The Certified Financial Consultant – CFC designation is the premier designation of the Global Association of Business & Management (GABM.us) . This certification is tailored for exceptionally skilled individuals who aspire to advance significantly in their careers across various critical financial domains.

A financial consultant plays a crucial role in enhancing shareholder value and optimizing capital utilization for a business. Their responsibilities may include assembling mergers and acquisitions (M&A) proposals or devising compensation plans for company executives. Numerous consultants operate within the corporate finance department of a company.

Financial consulting is a rapidly growing industry with many opportunities for those who are certified. As a CFC, you will be able to work with clients on their financial planning and investing, providing them with guidance and advice.


  1. Financial Ratios
  2. Cash Flow Analysis
  3. Lease vs. Buy Equipment Analysis
  4. Budgeting Basics
  5. Process, Preparation, and Control
  6. Administering the Budget
  7. Forecasting and Planning
  8. Consultancy Services (Principles, Practices, and Procedures)

Key Benefits

  • Grants recognition of knowledge and skills by a third party.
  • Enhances professional reputation and provides personal accomplishment.
  • Supports continued professional development.
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field of practice.
  • Demonstrates a specific level of knowledge and skill.
  • Increases opportunities for career advancement and/or increased earnings.
  • Validates skills and knowledge while communicating credibility.
  • Serves as a competitive differentiator in the job market.
  • Improves customer satisfaction, enhances employee competence, and aids in employment decisions.


  • Only 60 Multiple Choice Questions
  • The passing score is 70% or higher
  • The exam duration is 120 minutes
  • Retake the exam unlimited times within 90 days
  • No fees for retaking the exam


  1. Finance Professionals
  2. Financial Consultants
  3. Entrepreneurs and business owners
  4. Accounting Experts
  5. Skill-Seeking Individuals
  6. Banking and investment
  7. Compliance experts


Individuals holding the CFC (Certified Financial Consultant) credential possess the expertise needed to verify an organization's adherence to regulatory standards, thereby minimizing the chances of facing penalties and safeguarding their reputation.