Certified Financial Manager | CFM

The Certified Financial Manager (CFM) certification is a professional credential for individuals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skills, and expertise in financial management.

The CFM certification is provided by the Global Association of Business & Management (GABM.us), which is based in the United States and specializes in membership and professional certifications for the business and management field.


  1. Finance function's pivotal role in business operations.
  2. Business objectives diversity and shareholder wealth maximization advantages.
  3. Impact of risk, ethics, and stakeholders on wealth maximization.
  4. Agency problem and strategies for its management.
  5. Business plan development and financial statement importance.
  6. Projected financial statement preparation and decision-making significance.
  7. Strengths and weaknesses of projected financial statement methods.
  8. Managing risk and uncertainty in projected financial statements.
  9. Major ratio categories for financial analysis.
  10. Ratios for assessing financial performance and their significance.
  11. Ratios' role in predicting financial failure.
  12. Limitations of ratios in financial analysis.
  13. Investment decision-making's nature and importance.
  14. Four main investment appraisal methods and their application.
  15. Investment decision-making process stages.
  16. Modifications for NPV in capital rationing and unequal project lives.
  17. Inflation's impact on investment appraisal and adjustments.
  18. Risk's importance in investment decisions and measurement approaches.
  19. Sources of external and internal finance, features, and factors.
  20. Capital structure, dividends, working capital, shareholder value, mergers, takeovers.


  • Advanced financial analysis and reporting skills.
  • Knowledge of financial planning and control.
  • Expertise in investment management and risk assessment.
  • Understanding of accounting principles and practices.
  • Proficiency in taxation and financial reporting.
  • Knowledge of financial markets and global economy.
  • Ability to utilize information technology in financial management.
  • Comprehension of corporate finance and ethics.
  • Enhanced decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
  • Confidence in financial leadership and management.


The CFM certification can also have a positive impact on an individual’s organization. Financial managers who hold the CFM certification are better equipped to provide strategic financial leadership and to make informed, data-driven decisions that can benefit the organization.


  • Only 60 Multiple Choice Questions
  • The passing score is 70% or higher
  • The exam duration is 120 minutes
  • Retake the exam unlimited times within 90 days
  • No fees for retaking the exam


  • The world of financial management
  • Financial planning
  • Analysing and interpreting financial statements
  • Making capital investment decisions
  • Making capital investment decisions: further issues
  • Financing a business 1: sources of finance
  • Financing a business 2: raising long-term finance
  • The cost of capital and the capital structure decision
  • Making distributions to shareholders
  • Managing working capital
  • Measuring and managing for shareholder value
  • Business mergers and share valuation


  • Finance Managers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Accounting professionals
  • Risk assessment professionals
  • Financial planners and analysts
  • Economics/business graduates
  • Ethics-focused individuals
  • Global finance professionals
  • IT-focused individuals