Certified Governance Expert (CGE)

Certified Governance Expert | CGE

The Certified Governance Expert (CGE) certification is a professional credential that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding of corporate governance principles and practices.

The CGE certification is provided by the Global Association of Business & Management (GABM.us), which is based in the United States and specializes in membership and professional certifications for the business and management field.


  1. Introduction to Corporate Governance
  2. Development of Codes of Governance and international comparisons
  3. The Principles of corporate governance
  4. Stakeholders & the social contract: a broader view of corporate governance
  5. Issues Concerning Sustainability
  6. Ethics, corporate governance, and corporate behavior
  7. Risk Management and Corporate Governance
  8. The Audit function and the role of regulation
  9. Corporate Governance in non-commercial Organizations
  10. Globalization and corporate governance


  • Corporate governance, compliance, and risk management
  • Legal affairs and corporate legal departments
  • Audit and internal control
  • Board of Directors and senior management
  • Investment banking and corporate finance
  • Management consulting
  • Public Accounting
  • Human resources

learning objectives

  • Understand the meaning and concept of governance and its significance in an organization.
  • Understand the definition and components of corporate governance.
  • Understand the relationship between governance systems and corporate social responsibility.
  • Understand how corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are interrelated.
  • Understand the concept of corporate governance, its importance, and the reasons for its development.
  • Knowledge of different systems of corporate governance used around the world and the ability to compare them.
  • Ability to develop a framework for corporate governance.
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of company management in corporate governance.
  • Knowledge of the principles of corporate governance, including transparency, accountability, fairness, and responsibility.
  • Ability to apply principles of good governance to corporate behavior, including ethical behavior, risk management, and the role of audit and regulation.


  • Only 60 Multiple Choice Questions
  • The passing score is 70% or higher
  • The exam duration is 120 minutes
  • Retake the exam unlimited times within 90 days
  • No fees for retaking the exam

Benefits of CGE

  • Demonstrate expertise in corporate governance
  • Improve career prospects and income potential
  • Gain industry recognition as a governance expert
  • Develop a deeper understanding of governance practices
  • Access to a network of governance professionals


  1. CGE certification can impact one's governance career significantly.
  2. It enhances credibility, reputation, and job opportunities.
  3. The process requires a deep understanding of governance principles, practices, and frameworks.
  4. It improves skills and knowledge, benefiting current and future roles.
  5. CGE certification requires staying up-to-date with governance trends and practices.
  6. Obtaining CGE certification is a valuable investment in a governance career.