Membership & Fees

Membership & Certification fees

We believe in transparency and fairness. The fee structure is designed to reflect the value of our programs and the resources we provide to our members. Rest assured, our fees are competitive and reasonable, reflecting the exceptional quality of education and support you will receive.

Please note that the specific fees for our programs are subject to change and may vary depending on the program, location, and other factors.

Professional Certification Fee

The program fee of $700 USD for each professional certificate covers the following components:

  • Application and registration process
  • Permanent membership in the association
  • Certificate issuance fees
  • Exam and study materials fees (if applicable)
  • Certificate equivalency fees (if applicable)
  • Fees for sending the original certificate through a reliable courier company

Membership Assurance

Membership is presently permanent without an expiration date until further notice and any potential revisions depend on the decision of the BofD

Membership Fees

Annual membership fees are temporarily included in the certificate fee until further notice